A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Partner in Property: Buyer’s Edition

When embarking on the exciting journey of buying a home, finding the right real estate agent can make a significant difference in your overall experience.. An experienced and knowledgeable agent can provide valuable guidance, negotiate on your behalf, and streamline the process without pushing or rushing you into a contract. If you’re moving to the area from out of town, it’s likely you get connected with your REALTOR® through your job or a relocation service. But, what if you’re a local?  With over 400 agents in our Morgantown market, choosing the right one can be tough with a lot to take into consideration.

First and foremost, it’s important to find an agent with experience and expertise. Experienced agents often have a deep understanding of market trends, pricing strategies, and negotiation techniques. Look for agents with a solid track record and experience in the local market and consider their expertise in the specific type of real estate transaction you are pursuing.

It’s also important to find someone who has strong local market knowledge. A good real estate agent should have in-depth knowledge of the local market, including current trends, property values, and neighborhood dynamics. They should be able to provide you with insights and information that will help you make informed decisions based on the current market trends and assist you in finding the right property or setting for the right price. Not every agent will be native to the area, but it helps if they know the area as if they were.

Communication and listening skills are another important factor. Effective communication is essential in any real estate transaction and crucial for a successful client-agent relationship. Choose an agent who is responsive, listens to your needs, and communicates clearly. Make sure their availability matches up with your schedule to avoid missing out on hot listings or being pawned off to another agent. It’s not uncommon for a REALTOR® to have another REALTOR® show a property for them if they are unable to accommodate, but it shouldn’t become a habit.

A reputable REALTOR®  will also be well connected and have an extensive network of professionals, including lenders, inspectors, contractors, and attorneys. When buying a home, this network can be invaluable in providing referrals and connections to trusted professionals throughout the transaction process. It’s important to feel you can reach out to your agent even after the transaction has closed, as you may find you still need recommendations. Whether it’s a babysitter or a carpet cleaner, a well-connected REALTOR® will often be able to point you in the right direction.

REALTORS®  are not here to “sell” you a home, but to walk you through the process allowing you to feel protected and confident without rushing you into decisions. Choosing the right REALTOR®  is a critical step in ensuring a smooth and successful home buying journey.  By assessing their experience, market knowledge, communication skills, and connections, you can find an agent who will guide you through the process, provide valuable insights, and help you find your dream home. Remember to do your research, schedule interviews, ask relevant questions, and trust your instincts when making this important decision. Until next week!

Eve Leombruno, 2023 MBOR President