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Last week we talked about energy efficiency in your home, and this week I’m going to veer completely off topic. Why? Because I have some bragging on my peeps to do!!

Have I mentioned how much I love my profession, my colleagues, and the impact we have on our community? It is an unfortunate reality that many of the general population think we focus on nothing but transactions and commissions but that’s just not true! We love the community in which we work and strive on a daily basis to enrich and enhance the lives of everyone in it. Case in point:

On May 2nd the Morgantown Board of Realtors sponsored its annual Fiesta Fun Day event held at the Hotel Morgan downtown. This amazing evening, painstakingly planned and executed by our Community Service Committee, is a phenomenally fun and effective fund raiser put on for the last seven years. There are now two benefactors to the proceeds raised, Scott’s Run Settlement House backpack program and this is the second year adding Pantry Plus More.

The backpack program currently serves around 800 children in all the Monongalia county elementary schools and a few middle and high schools as well. Although that sounds like a lot it’s only about a third of the need. The program provides food for children to take home over the weekend between school meals. Registration forms are distributed at the beginning of the year and those who choose to participate are provided for anonymously. In the elementary schools, the teachers will put the student’s food in their backpack while they are at recess. Other accommodations are made for middle and high school students as best suits the students. Every Wednesday a team of volunteers pack the food bags and they are delivered to the schools Friday morning. For more information or to volunteer feel free to visit

The Pantry Plus More program also provides for our county’s school children. The pantries are located in the schools and are open each day for children to collect anything they are in need of including non-perishable food items, hygiene products, school supplies, and twice a month fresh produce is also available. It is estimated over 1500 children are aided by this amazing organization that is partially supplied by the Mountaineer Food Pantry as well as by donations from individuals and organizations throughout the area. If you would care to learn more, please visit

The super heroes that are the committee members raised $16,628 in just over 2 hours! After expenses they donated $15,000 to these two amazing organizations that provide a priceless resource for the most vulnerable citizens of our county – the children. So a heartfelt and humble thank you to Michele Rafus, Tracey Hartley, Claire Petro, Alisa Jackson, Mary Oldham, Kellie Droz, Rhonda Hutchins, Mark Burke, Theresa Palmer, Gayla Adrian, Kristi Krutch, Brett Matak, Jessica Dunlevy, Crystal Anderson, Kris Kullman, Jane Ann Superfesky, and Darlene Nelson. You are the backbone of our organization and our community. It’s professionals like you who make our little corner of the world a better place.

Melissa Berube, 2019 MBOR President