Congratulations, you just accepted an offer…

Congratulations, you just accepted an offer on your home and the closing date is set. What should you do next? In addition to packing and potentially purging items you do not want to take with you, it is time to start planning your move.

If you have a confirmed closing date, go ahead and call the utility companies and plan for terminations. Let them know if you are transferring to another property, that way you won’t have to set up new accounts. Contact the post office and schedule to forward your mail. Keep in mind they will only forward for up to 6 months, so it is a good idea to contact those that send you mail directly.

Your insurance agent should be contacted to schedule for the cancellation of your homeowners’ policy. We always recommend having it set to cancel a few days after closing in case something would happen. The WV DMV requires you to change your address on your license within 20 days to avoid any fines. The human resources department, for your employer, will also need to know your new address. These may be places we do not always consider.

Go through your files and leave any appliance manuals for the new buyer. Ask your REALTOR® if the buyer would want leftover paint that you have used in the home. Any materials that pertain to your house should be left in the garage or attic. This could include shingles and siding or any supplies you have used.

Next, make sure you clean the home and leave it the way you would want to find it. If you can afford it, hire a professional to steam clean the floors and carpets and just do an overall deep clean. Did you remove the family photos and find that you left some holes? Maybe patch those up and paint for the new buyer. You want to make them feel welcome as they already love your home.

Some buyers are very receptive to meeting the homeowner at the property so they can be shown all the ins and outs of the home. It is always good to know if the light switch works an outlet only or how often they flush out the hot water tank. These are all quirky things that only the current owner may know.

As important as the interior is to be cleaned, make sure you are keeping the exterior tidy as well. Cut the grass, clean up the weeds and remove all trash right before closing. No one wants to start their journey in the new home with clutter and dirt.

If you can’t meet the buyer in person, maybe leave them a note with some things that you love about your home and neighbors. A forwarding address is important too if you are expecting any packages or mail that hasn’t been delivered. These are just some tips that may make the buyers transition pleasant and memorable.

We should see some nice weather this weekend. Best wishes for a relaxing time and remember to do good things!

Stephanie Lemley, 2021 MBOR President