Emotions behind buying - Archived

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I pondered for a bit how to approach this month’s batch of articles. So to play on the old adage, I’ve decided to come in like a lamb. Let’s get a little warm and fuzzy, shall we?

I talk a lot about value, finances, and investment when it comes to housing. But what about homing? After all, these dwellings are not just outcroppings of 2x4s and drywall from the dirt in which to put furniture, right? This is where we love, laugh, gripe, mope, dream, grieve, and celebrate. So how does that come in to play when you’re in the market to buy?

I have counseled countless people in the process of buying (and selling) homes. We look at everything from affordability to zip code. When first starting it’s important to be pragmatic. I’m all about a list! Starting with the must haves, the really wants, the would be nices, and the absolutely nots are great ways to weed through the masses. If there is more than one decision maker in the bunch, coming up with your own, then comparing and contrasting with each other, is a really great way to find common ground. As fun as house hunting is, home hunting can get a bit contentious so having things down in black and white is never a bad idea.

But then what? Are you buying a mortgage payment with the proper square footage and greenspace? Yes and no. You’re also buying where you’ll make dinner, and play catch, and have bar-b-ques, and celebrate birthdays, and, well… be. There comes a point in the process that it’s okay to let your emotions take over.

If you walk in to a home and it checks off 82% of your boxes but oh my gosh you can totally see grandma sitting over there on her birthday, and that cozy nook is just right for you getting through the entire collection of Stephen King books, guess what? That could be 100% right! (With a little tweaking.) If you walk in to a house and it checks off 97% of the boxes but the layout just doesn’t flow, and you really wanted to have a space to make your model airplanes but this just doesn’t seem to fit, and there’s something that just doesn’t click, guess what? It could be 100% wrong! (Even with a lot of tweaking.)

It is very hard with the barrage of advice, and rates, and adulting, and shoulds, and shouldn’ts to listen to your gut. But you really need to! Keeping in mind you are buying a home, not a house, is essential in the process and seeing as you’ll be there on average of 5 to 7 years you may as well feel warm and fuzzy about it. So once you’ve balanced things in your head, let your heart have it’s say.

Have an idea you’d like me to write about? I’m all ears and waiting to get typing, so don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Melissa Berube, 2019 MBOR President