How many “hats” can one person wear?

How many “hats” can one person wear? If you are a REALTOR®, there are many!  We are negotiators, stagers, photographers, protectors, professional jugglers, hand holders, problem solvers and many more! The real estate transaction can be very emotional and extremely stressful. Our job, as your REALTOR®, is to make the process smooth and successful!

From the beginning we are your negotiators, looking out for your best interest. Our job is to get you the best and highest price for your property all the while keeping everything on track. Once we have helped to generate a purchase offer, we will need to be able to help both sides come together in agreement. It may be necessary to anticipate aspects of the potential transaction that could lead to later friction and possible re-negotiations.

When your REALTOR® is ready to list your property, he or she may assist in staging. A good agent can tactfully explain why it is not a good idea to have 20 family photos on the mantle. Or that all the toys strewn about need to be put away to show how much space there actually is in a room. Even subtle changes in paint color and décor can make a huge difference.

Next it is time to take some pictures! With new age technology and cool cell phone cameras, your agent may be taking the photographs themselves, unless they hire a professional. If the professional is the one doing the task, the REALTOR® is always on hand, like a director in a movie, making sure they are capturing the best angle.

During showings, your REALTOR® may be a protector. For instance, if the seller lives out of town, they may rely on the agent to hire someone to cut the grass and remove the snow. Agents sometimes take these tasks on themselves. I personally cleared a sidewalk today with just my snow boots (no shovel on hand).

When you think of a professional juggler you may envision someone tossing balls in the air. As a REALTOR®, this is often how we handle our day-to-day business transactions. Lots of moving parts require skilled handling. Dealing with buyers, sellers, agents, mortgage lenders and inspectors – the list goes on. Keeping everyone on the same page always calls for a highly skilled professional.

Buying or selling can be tedious but if you hire a REALTOR® to guide you and hold your hand until closing, it can be less stressful. Whether representing the seller or the buyer, a seasoned agent will have experienced a wide variety of surprises, challenges, problems, emotions and personal issues, family disagreements, last-minute situations or emergencies. These experiences allow them to conquer any issues that may come your way.

So, the next time you talk with your REALTOR®, consider what “hat” they are wearing as they are looking out for your best interest! Have a great week (maybe less snow) and remember to do good things!

Stephanie Lemley, 2021 MBOR President