I guess we can start with the age-old philosophical question… WHY?

I guess we can start with the age-old philosophical question… WHY? Why hire a REALTOR® when there is such an enormous array of digital applications and resources, literally at your fingertips, to help you buy or sell a home? Why bring in yet another person into the mix for something you could certainly research through GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, and/or the ‘reality-based’ HGTV? Why bring in a professional in his/her respective field to help you, with arguably, the largest transaction at this time in your life?

I strongly support the ‘do-it-yourself-ers’ and weekend warriors. If you can learn a new skill, tend to that skill the love that it requires to successfully complete your project, while saving some hard-earned money, you have earned my respect. There are, however, some trades and occupations that for the sake of time, effort, sanity, and the comfort in knowing the project was completed correctly, I would gladly support the local economy and hire a professional. I may be biased but I believe real estate transactions are one of those professions.

Let’s begin with the different ‘agencies’. There are buyer agents, list agents, and on a rare occasion, a dual agent. We will review dual agencies at a later point as that relationship does not directly address the question at hand. So, why work with a BUYER’s agent? I’m going to touch on several steps of the sales process (1st from the Buyer’s perspective). It is not to educate you on the sales process as much as show the value in working with a licensed professional. The first step is when a listing agent enters a house into the Multi-Listing Service (MLS). It is then, the listing goes LIVE and other real estate websites like the Zillows and realtor.coms of the world gain access to them. Although those websites can be quick to showcase new listings, know that your local REALTOR® still has access to those listings first. You can work with your local REALTOR® to schedule showings for the house(s) which interest you. As a disclaimer to my REALTOR® friends/colleagues, please note that although your business is important to us, it is likely not our ONLY business. We (REALTORS®) work unconventional hours as we work around the schedule of our clients and likely juggling the needs of other clients.

Finding the house can be the easy part of the transaction. Once you find ‘the one’, your REALTOR® will help you with initiating and making your offer stand out from the competition, if and when you’re in a competitive situation. He/She knows the competitive strategies that have been successful in the past and will negotiate on your behalf the terms of the agreement. I share with my clients that the home buying process is an extremely emotional experience. There are several people and departments involved in the transaction. You will need someone in your corner to advocate your best interests.

To maintain the integrity of this article and the subject, I will continue this topic next week. Until then Love where you Live… and if you don’t, contact your local REALTOR®. Stay tuned.

Brian Haufe, 2022 MBOR President