Is it time to downsize?

Is it time to downsize? You may ask yourself where to begin? Do not stress, just declutter. Here a just a few tips to help you get started.

Start early. If you and your family have decided it is time to move, then start the decluttering process before you list your home for sale. Pace yourself and get the whole family involved if you are not an empty nester already. There are so many methods you can use like KonMari where you declutter by category and if the item does not bring you joy, you toss it. Also, the One Day Method is a good way to start the downsizing process. This way describes letting go of one item per day that corresponds with the date. For instance, if its day 12 of the month, then you get rid of 12 items that day. Do what works for you but do not get overwhelmed.

If decluttering your whole entire home at once is giving you anxiety, then take one room at a time. Pick a room and clean out the drawers one day and the closet the next. Everyone has a junk drawer or unorganized cabinet. Take some time and match those Tupperware lids with their containers. Trust me, you will be much happier. Donate gently used clothing or household items to a local charity.

You should have an idea of the size of your next home so you can determine what to keep and what to donate. What if your living room furniture will fit and you decide to sell it? Or if you want to keep the piano but find that your new home does not have the space. You cannot plan for all of it, but at least determine what things you know will not fit.

Downsizing is also a lifestyle change. If you are moving to warmer climate, I can bet you will not need the snowblower. If you have chosen a condo, then sell that lawnmower. There are just some things you know you will not need. Ask yourself why you are considering this life change and then set goals to get there.

Make sure when you are tossing stuff out, that you are not just moving it from one location to the next. The experts recommend going room by room. As you determine that the item should go, get rid of it. People tend to box up personal items and other things they have accumulated over the years only to discover when they move that they did not declutter at all.

For those nonessential items you do not plan on moving with you, have a sale to offset moving expenses or updating your décor in the new home. Organize and label as you declutter. This will help in the move as you box items from drawers and closets. If you are still feeling overwhelmed, ask a friend or family member to help you. They will have a fresh idea to help you declutter so you can downsize.

Yes, this market is crazy! Lack of inventory is driving up prices in our area. Good time to sell if you are ready! Have a great week and remember to do good things!

Stephanie Lemley, 2021 MBOR President