Is your Home smart?

Is your Home smart? Remember the cartoon, the Jetsons? We may not have flying cars or jetpacks as our mode of transportation, but modern technology has allowed us to make our homes smart!

Have you ever been looking at a home for sale and the agent tells you that the seller has cameras? This has become increasingly common as technology changes. Consumers are curious about smart home technology, and they’re turning to real estate agents as a vital resource for information. Sellers inquire about staging their homes with smart technology and how it may impact the sale of their property.

This technology is not just for plain old security anymore. You can turn on your lights. You can raise and lower the temperature of your home. You can check the exterior by viewing your cameras to see who is coming and going. You can lock your doors and open your garage. The list is endless.

How does this all impact the sale of your property? For the seller, it can allow them to see the buyer and get live feedback. This can be positive and negative. For the buyer it limits them from really telling their agent how they feel about the property, until they leave. The important take away from all of this, we as REALTORS® need to let all parties know that there are cameras. As a seller, I wouldn’t want to hear negative things about my property from strangers. As a buyer, I would make sure I am careful to keep all emotions inside while viewing the property.

Does this mean we shouldn’t equip our homes with smart technology? Of course not. Technology is cool! It does mean that if we list the property, we need to be prepared for all kinds of feedback. When the REALTOR® calls for that next showing, turn up the heat, dim the lights and turn on the cameras so you can hear the wonderful things the buyer says about your home.

The consumer can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on smart home technology. You just need to make sure its either portable for when you sell or consider the cost when pricing your home. Start small and maybe just get the “clapper” to turn on and off your lights. You remember that commercial, right? And I bet now you are saying it in your head.

Did you know you can set the thermostat to warm up the home before you get out of bed, turn on the coffee pot and get a text when the washer is done? Now, if someone would just fold the laundry and put it away, I would love that technology. Whichever smart system you choose, do your research to make sure it best fits your needs.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Whether you spend it with family or friends, cherish your time together and be thankful for those around you. Have a great week and remember to do good things!

Stephanie Lemley, 2021 MBOR President