More Community Involvement by MBOR

If you’ve read my columns regularly, you’ll know that some weeks I provide you with Real Estate tips or news and other weeks, I write about the activities of our Morgantown Board of REALTOR®. If you’re new to my columns, one thing I’ve tried to convey to the public is that we are active in supporting charitable organizations.

In the month of February, we collected supplies needed by St. Ursula’s Food Pantry and Outreach. Some of what they requested included diapers, wipes, crib sheets, sippy cups and diaper rash ointment. So, our community service committee organized drop off locations so we could maximize our efforts. We arranged that with four different Real Estate brokerages in town along with one other business. We want to sincerely thank all of you who contributed to this cause! Now just because February has passed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to St. Ursula’s yourself to see what their current needs may be.

On Monday, March 18th, the Morgantown Board of REALTOR® held its regular membership meeting. In addition to conducting normal business, we invited two charities to speak and inform us of their needs. The first charity was Scott’s Run Settlement, represented by Michael Richard and our second was Pantry Plus More, represented by Tom Bloom. Each explained to us how we can help and many of our members will do just that. We encourage you to support both as well!

In addition to hearing from these charities, we featured Tom Bloom as our guest speaker. Of course, as most know, Tom is a Monongalia County Commissioner, and so much of the business of the county affects the Real Estate industry. Tom took some of what I talked about in my March 17th column but went deeper to explain some of the plans, vision and progress which will have an economic impact on our region.

Tom and fellow commissioners, Sean Sikora and Jeff Arnett, can often be heard on Talk of the Town on WAJR radio, giving similar updates. Of course, there’s coverage in the Dominion Post but you can also attend county commission meetings. The same goes for the city council meetings of Morgantown, Westover, Granville and Star City, the county’s Board of Education as well as other boards and commissions. The decisions made by our municipalities affect you as homeowners or renters. I encourage you to get involved and let your voice be heard. These are your tax dollars at work, and you should be informed as to how your dollars are spent.

Some projects Tom discussed included the planned expansion of Mountaintop Beverage, the proposed Harmony Grove exit off I-79, plans for widening Chaplin Hill Road out to Mylan Park, adding traffic lights at I-79 & Chaplin Hill along with two in University Town Center.  Tom continued to convey that there’s a struggle with the state Division of Highways when addressing many of these improvements. He’d welcome the help of Mon County homeowners, renters and taxpayers. Let’s all work together and take ownership of our community! Thank you, Tom, for speaking to MBOR.