Relationships…It’s Not Complicated

Several years ago I read a book called Season of Life by Jeffrey Marx. It is an inspirational book in which the author reunites with a childhood football hero, now a minister and coach, and witnesses a revelatory demonstration of the true meaning of manhood. Olympic champion Carl Lewis suggests it should be required reading for every high school student in America and every parent. For what it’s worth, I agree. I remember being drawn to the myths the author stated as ‘accomplishments’ that define success during certain checkpoints of a boy’s/man’s life. From plots on a baby’s growth chart to being measured in awards and trophies, accomplishments gauge the level of popularity in success throughout grade school and middle school. Perceived success in high school and college years turns to social popularity, sport achievements, and your… ‘dating history’ (keeping that as clean as I can). Young adults and professionals traditionally measure success by salaries, titles, and working all hours of the day. For some reason, that group seems to frequent the star role of the Hallmark Channel Holiday movies. Season of Life was written before social media but my guess is Instagram and Twitter followers could encompass the entire spectrum.

Marx debunks the false sense of success in all of the above scenarios and states true success in a very clear, simple concept. The success of a man’s life is found in the value of the relationships he has. The value of relationships he has as a son, brother, partner/spouse, father, co-worker, member of his community, etc. I think about this regularly in my day to day activities. As I mentioned in the “Why work with a REALTOR® series”, our role is very well connected with other professions in the industry. We regularly work side by side with members of the trade, professional, and specialty services community.

Aside from the REALTOR®/client relationship, I’d also like to mention the relationship we foster within the Morgantown Board of REALTORS®, its membership, affiliate partners and committees. Part of the responsibilities of the Morgantown Board of REALTORS® is to manage nine (9) committees focusing on improving the footprint of the REALTOR® profession in the community we live, play, love, and serve. Most recently our Community Service committee wrapped up an annual fundraising event, in which all proceeds were donated to local charities. Our Board and committees recognize the REALTOR® family is part of something much greater than ourselves. During the recent event, which I attended with my lovely bride, I observed REALTORS® and other business professionals in the real estate industry networking; creating and strengthening the relationships discussed above. Our industry is unique in that we compete with one another to earn market share and boost our branding. Yet we work in a cooperative environment, representing our respective clients to help them (client) realize their goal of the next phase in their lives. The value of our REALTOR® relationships many times may result in the difference in the success and/or failure of the transaction. REALTORS® and other professional services will agree, there is value in working with personnel with whom you have a good pre-existing relationship.

Until next week, love where you live. And if you don’t…contact your local REALTOR®.

Brian Haufe, 2022 MBOR President