Struggling to Achieve the American Dream

In my columns, I sometimes get into the mechanics of transactions, but I also like to speak
about broader concepts such as the economy, home ownership and how politics can affect the
Real Estate industry. Today, let me dwell a bit on home ownership but let’s first go back into the
history of our nation. Some migrated here to worship freely. As time went on, some journeyed to
the New World simply for economic opportunity and others were looking to become property

In 1992, the movie “Far and Away”, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman was released. In
that movie, Irish tenant farmers worked the fields which they could never own. They were
instead, forced to pay unfairly high rent to wealthy landlords. Long story short, is the main
character, Joseph Donnelly, played by Cruise, took a boat to America following a dream of free
land in America’s frontier. He first arrived in Boston, struggled for a while but eventually began
the journey to Oklahoma. He worked hard, faced rough obstacles but persevered in order to see
his dream of being a landowner come true.

In the 21 st century, life in America is a bit different but it can still be an economic struggle to
purchase one’s first home. I’m in the military and had a young Airmen recently give me his
perspective. Note: he and I are about 30 years apart and I’m paraphrasing given this was days
ago and we were extremely tired on a graveyard shift! – “No offense, but buying a home in your
generation was much easier. My wife and I work hard, budget and save but with inflation,
everything is so %$@& expensive today, that we just can’t get ahead.” This young Airmen might
be correct but my point, is owning property is indeed the American Dream. You can be an
immigrant from Ireland in the 19 th century or an Airmen in today’s military. Both want to be
property owners…even if they come from different backgrounds.

Noted Real Estate coach Brian Buffini is based in San Diego. Beyond coaching Realtors, he
also has a podcast which centers around personal and professional growth for anyone. A few
years ago, I was listening to one of his podcasts when he spoke about the concept of home
ownership. Now, Buffini came from Ireland like the character in the movie, but not until the
1980s. Like so many in the 1800s, Buffini arrived in the US and couldn’t rub two nickels together
but found economic opportunity and is now a multi-millionaire running a company of roughly
1,000 employees. In that podcast, he spoke of homeowners taking pride in their homes. He
said, “If you don’t believe me, go to Home Depot or Lowes on a Saturday morning, and you’ll
see that pride!”

As I’ve said before, home ownership isn’t an entitlement. It takes hard work and sacrifice.
However, you can get guidance. Find that REALTOR® who has the mindset of a coach and has
your best interests at heart. You CAN achieve the American Dream!