What to Expect when you’re Listing (Part 2)

Thank you for returning. This is Part 2 of the What to Expect when you’re listing series. Please re-read part 1 in last week’s article to maintain content consistency.

You will need to provide a spare key for the lockbox, which allows other REALTORS® access to your home. Once your property goes LIVE and is active in the MLS, other internet websites like Zillow and REALTOR®.com will publish your listing. Your REALTOR® will work with you to schedule showings for your house. Although a good rule of thumb is to allow a 24 hour notice, please note there will be circumstances the buyers may request a same day showing. Many times, this is based on the schedule (maybe out of town) or needs of the buyers. You may certainly decline the same day showing request or suggest another time more convenient for you, however keep in mind, ultimately you’re trying to sell your house. It is best to be as accommodating as possible.

A common myth is that the listing agent (the agent you are working with to sell your home) will be the one also bringing the buyer and showing your home. Although this may be the case, it is more common that the ‘showing/ buyers’ agent will be one of the 385 REALTORS® in the greater Morgantown area. Just because your list agent is not the REALTOR® showing your house does NOT mean she/he isn’t working very hard to get your house sold.

As showings take place, understand that your house is, for lack of better words, inventory. It is understood in an occupied or staged house that anything that can be picked up and removed will go with the Seller when they move and anything permanently installed or planted will convey with the property. That being said, be prepared that potential buyers may open closets, medicine cabinets, and/or built in drawers. For the safety and security of all involved, please remove or secure any firearms, prescription pharmaceuticals, private/sensitive documentation and/or anything that can be compromised during a showing. If you have pets, please either remove them during the showing or secure them in a caged facility. Although many people love dogs, there are just as many people who do not. Perhaps the buyers have a child who was bitten by a dog that is otherwise friendly but taunted by a toddler. Don’t take the liability or risk of injury and secure or remove your dog. If the dog is caged, note it may bark at the agent and or potential buyers. Even though the dog is not physically bothering the clients, it may be serving as a distraction to the house showing process.

If you have a fixture that is of sentimental value, and would NOT convey with the property otherwise stated, be sure to disclose this with your REALTOR®, so the proper notifications can be communicated with showing agents and buyers. An example would be your great grandmothers’ chandelier installed in the foyer or a ‘memorial tree’ planted in the backyard. In the case of the chandelier, the Seller may agree to leave an installed foyer light in its place. Either way, be sure this is clear while drafting the agreement. We will continue next week. Until then, love where you live… and if you don’t contact your local REALTOR®.

Brian Haufe, 2022 MBOR President