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Last week was all about statistics. My favorite was how many people work with a real estate agent! Shocking, I know. This week I decided to expand on the ‘what’ and go in to the ‘why’.

Why do you need a Realtor®? We have mad marketing skills and we stay on top of upcominhttp://new.morgantownrealtors.com/why-you-need-a-realtor/g trends and technologies. We market ourselves, our listings, loan programs, open houses, and all things real estate related ad nauseam. We have a file full of pre-qualified buyers who haven’t bought yet. Often when we preview your home at least one of those folks comes to mind. And if we don’t have someone one of our office colleagues will! We cooperate with each other and want nothing more than to get your home sold so we yell it from the roof tops! We know what features of your home to highlight, and which to lowlight, and we give unbiased advice on how to best be positioned in a competitive market. We do this for a living! Can I change the brakes on my car? Yes, but it will take at least one whole afternoon, a broken nail, and a dozen swear words. Or I can take it to a professional.

That is all before you get a contract, though. And guess what? That’s the easy part. No matter which side of the table you’re on, the negotiations and hurdles do not stop once the proverbial ink is dry. There are still inspections, appraisals, financing contingencies, and the possible unknown or two such as title issues. Having someone who knows how to best address bumps that may arise before sitting down at the closing table is a far easier way to navigate the process. And most importantly, as stated above, we are unbiased! Emotions can very easily get the best of people and this is not just the sale or purchase of a house, it’s the sale or purchase of your home. That’s personal.

But what if everything goes smoothly, there’s a contract within days, and no hiccups along the way? Why should you pay for that? Let me tell you one of my favorite stories: The landlord of an apartment building had several frantic calls the heat was not working. Upon checking the boiler, he found he couldn’t figure out the problem, so he called a repair professional. They showed up promptly, gave the boiler a thorough visual inspection, knocked on it here and there, and with a wrench gave it a hard, loud WHACK! It started right back up again, which pleased the landlord beyond belief, and asked to be sent the bill. When he got it, he was shocked! He couldn’t believe the nerve of charging $1,000 after being there for just 15 minutes and giving it one whack. He called the company to demand an itemized bill that justified such an exorbitant charge! They did just that: Service Call $75, Minimum One Hour $100, Knowing Where to Whack the Boiler $825. The moral? Our knowledge, efficiency, and experience are worth your investment for ease of mind, transition, and transaction.

Melissa Berube, 2019 MBOR President