That’s A Wrap!

It was this time last year that I was working on the first article I would submit as President of the Morgantown Board of REALTORS®. From there, I would have 51 more to go. Fifty-one diverse topics, each demanding a minimum of 500 words. Initially, I tried meticulous planning by drafting each piece out ahead of time. I quickly found that it was much easier and more natural to write about whatever I was personally experiencing in the industry at that time. I began to truly enjoy the process when I wrote this way. My favorite articles were those in response to the readers that found ways to contact me with questions or comments about a previous article. Never did I expect such engagement from the public and it transformed my articles from being a task to something I truly looked forward to. So to those who read, enjoy, and engage, thank you.

As I reflect back on my term as President, I am truly impressed. I am impressed by our committees and their involvement, I am impressed by our accomplishments as a board, and I am beyond impressed by our Board of Directors. Our committees keep our membership going and they keep our mark prominent in this community. They raise money for local nonprofits, they volunteer their time to shelters, they deliver food to those who are confined to their homes, they keep us safe, they keep us relative, and they keep us together. As a whole, they never fail to show up.

Our organization has achieved many great things, and we owe much of our success to our Board of Directors. Their ability to pivot, gather information, and make informed decisions have been invaluable. It was in February that I had to deliver my son six weeks early. I had a lot planned for those last six weeks and being in the hospital was not accounted for. The Board of Directors stepped up to the plate, with every member taking on a task, and some even assisting me with my articles. I am grateful to Brian Haufe, Brian McCommon, Aaron Marko, Zech Beard, Stephanie Christensen, Jerrica Moldowan, Jessica Dunlevy, and Brett Matack for their unwavering support during that time. Thanks to their help, I was able to deliver a healthy baby boy, take a moment to breathe, and pick up right where I left off. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

The experience of being President of the Morgantown Board of REALTORS® has been an incredible journey for me and it has been a privilege to work alongside such dedicated individuals. I am proud of what we have accomplished as a board, and I know we are still capable of so much more. I am confident that the Morgantown Board of REALTORS® will continue to thrive under the leadership of our incoming President, Brian McCommon and I look forward to seeing all the great things that are yet to come. To the community in which I was raised, to my family, my friends, and my fellow REALTORS®, I thank you for your love and your support. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Eve Leombruno, 2023 MBOR President